Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wait...what happened?

We were still high-fiving and carrying on when I happened to look back at the screen to see Brian Ching rise well above Jay Heaps and essentially put the Revs away. Yes, I know he just tied the score to put the game into a shoot-out. Yes, I know that should have been to the Revs' advantage with Matt Reis on fire. But I knew at that moment, still hugging my eight-year old boy while celebrating Twellman's goal that it was over. There was just something so final about it.

Damn, and the Revs played well. With the exception of the first fifteen minutes, the Revs took the game to the Dynamo. They took away Mullan and Davis, and DeRosario could only blast away from the outside. They slotted in a few crosses and looked dangerous from time to time. But the Dynamo go home winners because they simply did not give up.

To their credit, the Dynamo played a great game as well. Their backline positioning was excellent, their midfield did their best to harry the New England central midfielders, and Onstand was, quite literally, golden. And when push came to shove, they converted.

Although disappointed by the result, I was not disappointed by the game. Both teams played a wide open game for the most part, and guys like Jay Heaps were still making forty-yard sprints in the waning moments. Although he figures twice in the loss, nobody can heap the blame on Jay. He was a credit to the team. Elsewhere, Parkhurst, Joseph, Reis, Noonan (who also missed), and Smith played outstanding games. I hope for Dempsey's sake that he gets to see some European playing time and the same goes for Joseph. For my part, I'd love to see the Revs come back for one more shot.